Diary: Meet Henry and Myrtle

Last week we chatted about getting a pet. Our darling old tabby, Bert, died a few months ago and we said once we were in the farm we’d get an animal. I was actually looking at puppies online when I saw a picture of a pair of sibling kittens, one ginger, one black. I always wanted a ginger cat. It was fate. And there was no going back once I’d found out that, yes, they were still available.

Even though they aren’t strictly rescue cats, I feel like we have adopted them and given them a chance at a great life. Put it this way, even though we paid for them, they had fleas…

Henry (above) is cheeky and very playful. Bigger than his sister, Myrtle (below), but a bit daft.

Myrtle rules the roost. She is small and squeaky, but she is not to be messed with.

The kids are obsessed. It’s wonderful to have animals in the house again, and to see Artie and Bea expressing love and care towards them. I have to tell Bea to stop picking them up constantly. Still, they don’t seem to mind and even go towards her. They’ll hopefully be with us a long time – till the kids are grown ups – crazy! You’ll definitely see them popping up here often.


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