I’m Rachel Brady, married to Adam, and mum to Arthur (9) and Beatrix (7) and Stanley (20 months). We have lived in the Peak District for the past 6 years, where we are renovating a farmhouse. Ad and I lived in Manchester for 13 years where I worked in digital marketing before I had my son in 2010 and then my daughter in 2012. I returned to work for a few months after I had Arthur, then I quickly realised I wanted to spend more time with my kids…

This used to be a family food blog called Well Worn Whisk – it was started as a hobby in April 2012 one boring Sunday afternoon. On a complete whim. I had no idea what it would turn into. 6 years on it is now more than I ever dreamed. I decided to change from Well Worn Whisk to Mrs Rachel Brady, a slight tweak to you – but a momentous one to me.

The move from food blogger to mummy lifestyle blogger means I can create content about not just family food, but about all the things that make me happy.

Here you’ll find a gazillion easy delicious and mainly healthy recipes ,plus blog posts about other stuff too: parenting, style, home – just, LIFE!

Increasingly I am driven to live greener as a family, so I am making more content about our ever more eco lifestyle. I am also embarking on a wellness journey for myself, specifically about yoga, aromatherapy and nutrition. As such I have created a new category called Wellness. Check out my new Instagram account: @cupfulofwellness

What else? Well, if you love to read then do join my new, growing book club! A big part of what I do is my YouTube channel, do pop over and subscribe if you’re not already!

Finally, I love to hear from you – it makes my day when I get a nice comment, email or social message. Of course if you wish to work with me then that goes for you too!

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