Roasted chicken thighs with squash and brown rice
Slow roast lamb shoulder with rosemary and garlic

Mrs Rachel Brady is a mums’ lifestyle blog and YouTube channel that celebrates everyday family and home life.

I believe that the everyday things are what make life worthwhile: family, food, home and style.

I started out as as a family food blogger but since that first post 6 years ago my blog and YouTube channel have become so much more.

From posts about my perfectly imperfect family, and ways to eat well without losing your mind - to easy style inspo for you and the kids, and tips to make your home a more joyful space (oh, and don't forget about the book club too)... you’ll find it all here!

Perfect slow roast leg of lamb
Bubble and squeak topped ‘real’ shepherd’s pie
Classic potato dauphinoise (‘Dolphin potatoes’)
Thyme, lemon and garlic roasted chicken thighs with roasted cauliflower salad
Shoulder of lamb with chick peas and cauliflower rice
Roast chicken with preserved lemon marinade
How to cook Christmas dinner
One pan mustard roast chicken dinner
Fast roast oregano and lemon chicken