#takemumsphoto is my Instagram initiative that’s all about encouraging mums to ask other people to take pictures of them. Many mums feel that they take most of the pictures in their family, and therefore they are in very few. This is for a number of reasons: some mums are the more social-media active than their partners and are snap happy whereas their partners simply aren’t; others felt that they didn’t like how they looked so would rather take photos than be in them; and a portion of mums felt that they were just the ones that had better photography skills so they wielded the camera.

Whatever the reason, the outcome is potentially that in years to come, when these mums look back at their family photos, they won’t be in hardly any. And that’s quite a serious matter.

What’s life about if not the little moments with ones we love?

Memories are all we have once that moment is gone – and yes of course we hold the memories in our brains, but let’s face it we’ll forget a lot of stuff! So it’s incredibly important that we get into the habit of asking Dad, Nana, the waiter, or our kids (you’d be surprised how capable they are – my 5 year old took the above picture of me!) to take a picture with us in it – or simply of us on our own.

We take ourselves for granted so much as mums, but we are the centre of our family’s world, and that should be reflected in our feeds and frames.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You get other people to take images of you throughout the month and tag them: #takemumsphoto – in post tell me who took it if you like and maybe a bit about yourself and if you struggle to be in photos, and why that is. You don’t have to do this though. Just a tag is enough.
  2. Every month there is a theme – but don’t worry about reflecting this, great if you do, but it’s not the main point. I announce this at the start of the month.
  3. At the end of the month, I choose 5 of the best and share on my page.

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